Our Services Include:

  • Security Risk Management Consulting, including Threat Risk Assessments (TRAs) and Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A) deliverables

  • Privacy Risk Management Consulting, including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)


  • Application Security Assessment, including security assessment of mobile device applications (iPhone & Android), static source code review, custom line-of-business applications, ERP & Financial applications.

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VAs) and Penetration Testing, including Network & Application-layer vulnerability assessments, Web site assessments, Security Awareness assessments via social engineering attempts and simulated phishing campaigns.

  • Physical Security Assessments & Physical Security Management Consulting including: Base Building TRAs, floorplan reviews, placement & design assistance for Secure Discussion Areas (SDA), physical perimeter design & specification including requirements specifications for doors, windows, glazing, surveillance systems, intrusion alarms.

  • Personnel Security Management support, including reviews of Personnel security screening processes and Personnel Security measures

  • EMSEC including TEMPEST & ZONE compliance assessments, Faraday cage design & installation for SCIF/SSA security zones, RF signals penetration analysis of secure work areas

  • Technical Counter Surveillance Measure support including “Bug Sweeps” using both RF (non linear junction detectors “NLJD”) & Thermal imaging equipment (FLIR)

  • Classified Network & Voice infrastructure support including design, review or audit of classified networks including cross-domain transfer (CDT) & cross-domain access (CDA) systems. Also includes SECRET and below interoperability (SABI) support.




WNCS does not sell products, and we maintain strict vendor neutrality when evaluating and proposing solutions.
All of our revenue is professional services based.



Our Services Include: